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Kelly's Favourite - African Visage Mask 

In the heart of South Africa,

My husband and I embarked on an adventure that would forever change our lives and curate our passion for unique designs. It was during our travels through the vast and diverse continent that we stumbled upon a hidden gem;  a mounted, carved wood mask with an enchanting backstory.  The mask, with its intricate details and striking expressions, was not merely an artifact; it was a storyteller of generations gone by.


The mask, we discovered, had been carved by a skilled artisan in a remote village, deep in the heart of South Africa.  It was said to have carried the stories, beliefs, and traditions of the local people.  The wood used was harvested from an important local tree and the carving was a meticulous and sacred art form.  As we delved into the mask's history, we learned about the rituals it had been a part of and the dances it had witnessed.  We were compelled to bring the mask back with us, not only as a memento of our travels, but as a symbol of our shared love for adventure travel and artistry.  

african mask_edited.jpg
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